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Qualistamp is a textile printing specializing in localized stamping. Situated in Fafe, this reference company has a set of modern equipment and skilled personnel to provide a service of excellence to its customers. The culture of quality Qualistamp and sustained growth that has seen have now been recognized with the award of the Prize SME Excellence in 2015.

Romeu Vieira e Artur Marinho - Admistradores da Qualistamp

Founded in 2006, Qualistamp is a dynamic and proactive company that thoroughly understands the area where focuses its activity. Its work is based on quality, seriousness and responsibility. Its leaders are aware that the small details make all the difference, so they are directed in the direction of the high standards of excellence.

Taking this business project to fruition are Romeu Vieira and Artur Marinho, who understand that the basis for sustained growth and success of the company based on the perfect combination of knowledge gained in academic training of Romeu Vieira, degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, and the experience and know-how Artur Marinho, acquired over 28 years of dedication to this sector of activity. “This combination allows us, on the one hand, a broad knowledge of the entire segment in which we operate, the various techniques, technology and training to staff and, on the other hand, monitored and efficient management,” maintains Romeu Vieira, adding who takes responsibility for the financial and commercial area, while Artur Marinho is responsible for production and quality.

Since its inception, the Qualistamp always excelled by a strong commitment and investment in cutting-edge technology with Portuguese quality seal. “There are 10 years investing either in technology or in the training and qualification of personnel, with the desideratum to ensure the efficiency and competitiveness of our company,” assume entrepreneurs.

Qualistamp is a company dedicated to the textile printing, which takes as its mission the development of prints and excellence solutions to exceed customers’ expectations. “We produce any type of localized stamping techniques. We add value to garments incorporating design in a certain position. How are very repetitive operations, bet on youth, the dynamic and proactive, so the average age of employees is 24 years, “points out our interviewee.

Always with the intention of being a reference company, recognized for competence, reliability and excellence in terms of printing, as well as the great and genuine interpersonal relationship with its customers, Qualistamp monitors market trends, always looking for new techniques . This relentless pursuit of continuous improvement results from the essential objective of presenting the best solutions, as the company works to very demanding segments and high quality. The main customer is represented by Inditex Group, an organization which owns nine brands in the market, which work for five (Bershka, Pull & Bear, Zara, Oysho and Massimo Dutti). “We are talking about a segment with amounts from 20 to 100 thousand pieces per model,” says Romeu Vieira, emphasizing the focus on large volume orders, the cost / benefit ratio. “We believe in the quality and competitiveness, so invested in the purchase of raw material quality and production efficiency, minimizing waste to the maximum.” In addition to the most representative group Qualistamp has produced and produces stamped parts for brands like Mango, Esprit, Desigual, Billabong, O’Neill, Next, Hugo Boss, Quiksilver, G-Star Raw which is part of Levi’s group, among other renowned and reference. “This segment refers to lower amounts, but we have a portfolio of open clients to various market segments, because one of the requirements of who is in front of a business is not dependent on a client or industry,” added the two managers Qualistamp.

Romeu Vieira stresses, however, the existence of three key variables, price, quality and delivery, assumptions made by Qualistamp, that simply can not be overlooked. “The quality has to be guaranteed, the price has to be competitive and the delivery time has to be fulfilled, so we are very flexible” support.

Company managers also point out the presence of Qualistamp in all international fairs related to their area of activity, because it is precisely in these fairs to “prepare for future trends techniques and products”, which is why the company is enabled to make any technical localized stamping, assuming techniques that other companies do not dominate, demonstrating its avant-garde attitude.

At the request of colleges teaching the company receives quite often students of Arts and Design in order to convey the reality of the stamping process located.

Future Strategies

Romeu Vieira took note that the current space Qualistamp is conditioned in terms of plant layout. The facilities are leased, an option taken on the establishment of the company, because the purchase of a pavilion would require much more investment to 375,000 euros with the creation of the company. “Right now, we have no room to acquire more equipment, so there are about eight months we began to outline a new factory layout. We want to have a work sequence that allows us to more efficiently and reducing production cycle times, resulting in an increase of the same, “explains Romeu Vieira, adding that the new plant being designed will increase by 40 percent the capacity installed and thus boost growth and competitiveness.

The entrepreneur estimates that in 2018, the Qualistamp make the transition to the new unit in the Industrial Zone Monte da Pena in Fafe, whose land occupies 6000 square meters and terms of construction will occupy 2250 square meters. “Currently we have 30 employees, but also anticipate double this number,” advance entrepreneurs.

SME Excellence Award 2015

“The SME Excellence 2015 award represents our commitment and efforts in sustainable growth. This distinction is an additional motivation for us to continue to work and serve our customers with the quality that distinguishes us. This status is above all a recognition of the good work we have been developing, “argues Romeu Vieira.

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10 years of investment in a continuous improvement strategy led to Qualistamp the achievement of excellence. Specializing in stamping located, has the experience, knowledge and the means to perform all kinds of techniques, marking by the execution of complex and demanding projects. Always looking for new techniques and products, strong focus on training and development of people and the acquisition of technology, with the goal of overcoming expectations and maximum customer satisfaction.

Departamento de Produção Qualistamp

Artur Marinho had a long experience in printing. Romeu Vieira had training in Industrial Engineering and Management. Both fed the idea of creating their own business. They seized the opportunity, together the knowledge and founded in 2006 Qualistamp. “The company arises from the junction of my knowledge in industrial management with experience of 28 years and know-how Artur Marinho. The combination of these factors are the main foundation of the business,” says Romeu. Created from scratch, Qualistamp followed a continuous improvement path, that after 10 years led to the conquest of the status of SME Excellence. According to the founders, investing steadily in the acquisition of technology, in the search for new techniques and training of employees has been the main strategy to respond to a demanding market in constant evolution. At present, the company, based in Fafe, works with leading international names, exporting 70% of its production to Spain. Already indirectly, the prints of Qualistamp end even by crossing the world. “All our production follows directly or indirectly to the international market work with five brands of the Inditex Group. – Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka and Oysho – with German Esprit, with the Spanish Mango and Desigual and with the Dutch G-Star Raw, “lists Romeu.



Always looking for innovations, Qualistamp dedicated to localized stamping, covering all techniques. “We master all existing techniques worldwide. We are at the forefront, the constant search for new techniques to our customers in line with market trends. This differentiates us,” says the official. In fact, whenever necessary are even designed their own tools to complement existing technology and thus respond to the requests. “We believe in developing machines that are not available in the market. We make adjustments and create mechanisms to improve the manufacturing process or even to be more efficient,” said the administrator, highlighting the effort to equip the business of new and significant assets. Thus, Qualistamp is prepared to respond to different orders, is staking out mainly by the execution of complex printed, demanding and higher value added. Dedicated to perform techniques as designed flake, caviar, Devore, raised, 3D printing, among others, the company is done everyday art. “The traditional printing will never end because it’s an art,” adds Arthur, highlighting the effort to meet the expectations by constantly research for new methods. “A printed located may have incorporated various techniques There are some that are incompatible, but by changing the process or development of additional machines can actually reverse and get that are compatible ‘:. Full Romeu, noting Artur’s experience as a key player in the presentation the final result.


With “considerable ability and a very flexible, knowledgeable and efficient,” the Qualistamp works for quality, ensuring competitiveness and meeting delivery deadlines. “Today more than ever we have to be efficient, because the client needs answers to time too short. We always work in Time Trial”, bails Romeu. For responsible is therefore crucial to ensure that, from the choice of materials to use to delivery of the final product, all steps are optimized and implemented accordingly. “There is a very thorough quality control because we have to meet various specifications,” she emphasizes. The company has even an internal laboratory for physical analyzes the strength of print, including the friction; for testing sweat, alkaline and acid pH and; and also to wash tests. “We also use external laboratories for correlation purposes with our internal results or for deeper analysis.” According to administrators, even when they are introduced new products, the tests are complete. “It is considered to limit the viability of the product, to check on their potential and really meets the requirements imposed by the customer,” explains.




In evolution, Qualistamp preparing to take new steps already in the near future. To increase the responsiveness, optimize the layout and monetize media, the company aims to build a new workspace. “We have acquired a plot of 6000 m2 and submit a project, the municipality of Fafe, for the construction of an industrial building. We anticipate 2018 to transition to the new plant and thus increase 40% the production capacity and double the number jobs, “forward Romeu.

More efficient and better prepared, the company will be able to reduce cycle times, reducing response times. “The confidence that we are deposited by customers is the basis for taking these future decisions. The greatest asset we can have in life is confidence,” he confesses responsible. With much to explore market, the Qualistamp will continue on the growth path, following the recipe of his entire existence: investing. “There are 10 years investing in technology, staff and search for new products. Only then follow the market trends,” takes Romeu.

“We believe in Youth

32 employees dress so dedicated to Qualistamp sweater. Formed internally, the team is young, with an average age of 24 years. “We believe in youth,” states Artur and Romeu, highlighting the dynamic, peep-activity and multi-skilling of people who “breathe work ‘:” Today we compete with any company from anywhere in the world; stress, thanking the trust and commitment of employees.