15 years of a differentiated product

Distinguished SME Leader for 8 consecutive years, Qualistamp, a specialized textile printing company focusing on localized printing, celebrates 15 years of success, a result of a constant commitment to differentiated products. From its inception dedicated to the fast fashion market, the company, located in Fafe, has been developing unique models for a specific niche, always with the same goal: enhancing product sales.

Qualistamp is a company specialized in textile printing, distinguishing its products through a blend of chemicals to achieve a high-quality result and the engraving of frames, aiming for an improvement in design definition. The service's goal is always to add value to clothing items without compromising the quality expected by the customer.

The Managing Partners, Romeu Vieira, a graduate in Industrial Engineering and Management responsible for commercial and project areas, and Artur Marinho, responsible for production and quality with 34 years of experience and acquired know-how, are convinced that the key points for growth over the 15 years have been the closest customer engagement and dedication, combined with their knowledge and experience. These elements form 'fundamental pillars to make Qualistamp a solid and reference company.'

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The quality in the art of printing.

Estampado com arte

10 years of quality and distinction.

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